What is the delivery time from the US?

Standard air delivery from the United States to Ukraine takes from 5 to 10 business days.

Will I be charged a sales tax on my purchases in the US?

No! Our warehouse is located in the state of Delaware one of the 5 tax-free states of the United States. Therefore sales tax is not charged.

Where is my parcel now?

The current status of the parcel is displayed in the «Personal Account» in the «My parcels» section.

How do I correctly fill in the address of a the US warehouse when buying?

An example of filling in the address can be found in Your «Personal Account» in the «My USA address» section. When buying, please specify your real full name and PIN number for identification and further receipt in Ukraine.

What should I do if the parcel goes without a tracking number?

It is not possible to arrange such a parcel in Your Personal Account. If Your full name and PIN number are present on the parcel we will be able to identify it.

What should I do if the parcel cannot be delivered to the US warehouse?

If the US delivery service (UPS, USPS, FEDEX, etc.) failed to deliver the parcel the first time they come again on the same or the next day.

If the parcel is not delivered within a few business days You need to contact the sender for clarification. Our Company is not responsible for parcels that have not arrived at the warehouse in the United States.

Also, please pay attention to the working hours of the warehouse, the working address (Business/commercial) the warehouse does not accept parcels during non-working hours, as well as weekends and holidays. Please, specify this information when placing an order in the online store.

For timely processing of Your parcels in our warehouse in the United States and for quick passage of customs control.

Do you have a parcel consolidation service?

Yes, we provide this service with a promo code.

A promo code for consolidation implies combining several parcels from different sellers within a week.

How are parcels delivered Ukraine?

Delivery by courier in Kyiv and the region (Kriukovschina, Vyshneve, Sofiivska Borschagivka, Petropavlivska Borschagivka, Kotsiubynske) to the front door. The delivery to the post office or the address delivery by «Nova Poshta» to any convenient locality of Ukraine after payment for international shipment.

Do you check the parcels?

Parcels are checked only if You have used the «Additional Insurance» service.

What is the minimum and maximum weight of the parcel?

There is no minimum package weight, there is a minimum delivery cost of 7.5$.

The maximum permissible weight of one indivisible parcel is 30kg. Sending parcels of more than 30kg. it is carried out by prior agreement.

What products does NEWMAX not deliver?

List of products prohibited for air delivery

How to calculate the bulk weight of a parcel?

The bulk weight is calculated using the formula Length(cm)*Width(cm)*Height(cm)/6000 and is charged at 3$ for 1.kg of excess bulk weight over physical weight.

According to tracking the parcel arrived at the warehouse but did not appear in the PA?

Processing of parcels in a US warehouse takes from one to several business days.

If the parcel has not been scanned and processed for shipment within a week, You need to contact our manager.

Please? note that the USPS postal service may provide false information about the status of Your parcels. Our Company is not responsible for the parcels delivered by the USPS service.

Storage of parcels in a warehouse in Ukraine and the US

Your parcel will be stored for 14 calendar days in Ukraine free of charge/for free. Subsequent storage of Your parcel with us is paid and is calculated at the following rates: 0.1$ per 1kg of weight but not less than 1$ per parcel for each calendar day from day 15 inclusive. If the parcel is at the warehouse for more than 60 calendar days after this period it is subject to disposal. Disposal is the process of using an unclaimed shipment at the discretion of the Company.

Why can't my parcel be delivered to the US warehouse?

Most likely Your parcel was delivered during non-working hours and the warehouse was closed.

Do not worry in most cases the parcel is brought again during working hours.

The schedule of the warehouse is available on our website in the section «Contacts».

If the cost of the parcel exceeds 100 euros?

According to the legislation of Ukraine, 10% tax and 20% VAT must be paid for parcels worth more than 100 euros.

The tax is not paid from the entire amount of the parcel, but only from the difference that is higher than the established 100 euros.

Example :

The cost of the product is 150 euros

Duty (150€ - 100€) x 10% = 5€

VAT (150€ – 100€ + 5€) x 20% = 11€

Customs payment: 16€

We take care of Clients clearance of Your parcel and help our Clients with customs control and paying taxes.