Package delivery

The the main direction of our –°ompany's work is the delivery of your parcels from the USA to Ukraine. Our warehouse is located in the tax-free state of Delaware which is very profitable for our Clients and allows you to save up to 10% of the paid cost for the product. Complex customs clearance of Your parcels and regular (1-2 times a week) air departures to Ukraine, allow us to provide high-quality and fast service for You.

Our free services for processing your parcels : replacing shipping containers: reducing the size; if necessary - repacking the parcel into several; will help You to minimize the cost of delivery.

The delivery takes from 5 to 10 working days. Our Client can always track all the stages of processing and moving his parcel in his "Personal Account".

Order redemption for You

This service is available to absolutely all Clients. The «Order Redemption» service will be convenient for Clients who faced with refusal of US internet sites to accept payment cards issued by banks of other countries, do not want to waste their time and deal with difficulties when making online purchases, do not always pass simple registration or have difficulties translating from a foreign language.

To do this, please follow steps :

- register on our website to access Your Personal account and the Client's PIN code

- go to the «My orders» section and place a «New order» specifying a link to the product, the content, the quantity of the product, the price per unit of the product, optionally additional information (color, size, etc.)

- optionally select additional services : «Insure», «Parcel photo», «Add coupon» (Promo code). All available Promo codes can be found on the webpages in the our social media

- select «Prepayment» (5% commission) or «Payment upon pick up» (10% commission) and click "Place order" to send a request to our specialists

During the redemption process of Your order, a specialist of the «Redemption» service will work with You and be able to answer all Your questions. The full cost of the order purchase will be known only after the order has been processed by our specialists. In most cases orders are redeemed on the day of Your order registration (day to day). In some cases it takes more than 48 hours to redeem Your order, for example, to agree on the payment method and delivery from the store or seller. If the confirmation was received after 5 p.m., then the purchase of Your order can be carried out on the next business day.


Insurance: All parcels sent from our warehouse in the United States are insured according to aviation standards of $ 7.5 per 1 kg of physical weight, this service is called Basic insurance and is included in the cost of air transportation. The basic insurance covers the loss of the shipment by the air carrier. If You wish, we can provide You with Additional insurance for your parcels. The cost of this service is 2% of the cost of the parcel. An example of the benefit of the additional insurance : if Your parcel was damaged during air transportation or during customs control, the cost for the damage will be fully compensated. You can apply for additional insurance when registering your parcel in the Client's "Personal Account".

Storage: Your parcel will be stored for 14 calendar days free of charge at our warehouse in Ukraine.The further storage of Your parcel is paid and is calculated at the following rates: $ 0.1 per 1 kg of weight, but not less than$ 1 per package for each calendar day starting from 15 day. If the parcel is at the warehouse for more than 60 calendar days, after this period of time, it becomes a subject to disposal. Disposal is the process of using an unclaimed shipment at the discretion of the company. Parcels sent from a warehouse in the United States, but not received in our warehouse in Ukraine are considered lost after 60 working days and are compensated to the Client under the conditions described above.

Forwarding and Fulfillment: the services are working in test mode, and work is in progress to implement these services in the Client's "Personal Account".

What products does NEWMAX not deliver ?

  • flammable and explosive substances;
  • all goods with the designation «dangerous goods»;
  • aerosols, perfumes, lacquers, deodorants, paints; fire extinguishers; anything under pressure;
  • medical equipment and all related products; medical and veterinary drugs;
  • drugs and narcotic drugs; psychotropic substances and medicines;
  • animals and microorganisms; plants and plant parts (seeds, fruits, tubers, bulbs, etc.) intended for sowing;
  • animal skin and fur (if not fur or fur-lined outerwear); ivory and ivory products;
  • alcoholic beverages, tobacco and tobacco products;
  • pornographic photos and videos;
  • military and dual-use goods, weapons and accessories; poaching accessories; optical sights; thermal imagers; everything that qualifies as or relates to cold weapons;
  • works of art and antiques, precious metal products;
  • means of hidden audio and video surveillance equipment;
  • airbags for cars (airbag);
  • Lithium-ion batteries separately from the device;
  • prohibited goods for exporting from the United States;
  • goods prohibited for import or required certification;
  • money or stocks, bonds, cash checks, securities, antiques (paintings, coins, etc.);
  • ood and perishable goods, transportation of which requires to observe the temperature regime;


Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, there may be minor delays in the delivery of your packages. Unfortunately, this circumstance makes adjustments to the work of our Company.